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JetLag RocknRoll: The Video Travel Guide Series

I’ve been so wrapped up in multiple projects that I forgot to update this blog with JetLag RocknRoll’s latest incarnation! Years ago I attempted to produce online travel guides with wanderlustful rocknroll aficionados in mind but writing each listing was incredibly time consuming and a bit too ambitious for just one person. Last year, C suggested we make it a video form instead and ask local bands about their favorite spots in the places they call home. Well, the first episode is now live! It spotlights the San Francisco East Bay and features Shannon & the Clams, Tina Lucchesi of the Trashwomen, and Jesse Townley of Blatz. You can watch the video above and get more details about the businesses, places, and bands covered here.

Other destinations in the works include San Francisco, Tokyo, and Chicago. Check back here or jetlagrnr.com for new episodes!



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Wish You Were Hear: Cheap Time in Oakland, 2/3/14


Cheap Time, 3 Feb 2014 | Eli’s, Oakland, CA

Nashville’s Cheap Time are currently on tour, promoting their newest album Exit Smiles on In the Red Records. I caught them at Eli’s when they hit the Bay Area last week, at what was apparently their first show in Oakland in five years. If I recall correctly, 2009 was the year they were scheduled to play live on my radio show but had to cancel when their stuff was stolen the night before outside a pizza joint in Sacramento. Luckily, they’ve encountered no such mishaps on their tour thus far and I was finally able to check out their new bass player Jessica. I’ve seen at least three different bassists pass through the band and, I have to say, this is their best line-up yet. Jeffrey (guitar, vocals) and Ryan (drums) cranked out song after song like well-oiled machines, seamlessly segueing from one to the next, and Jessica kept up without a hitch. She was a pro at trading snarls with Jeffrey, tooawesome! Here are some shots from the show.


FYI, they’re on tour through February.

2/11/2014 Fargo, ND Aquarium
2/12/2014 Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry
2/13/2014 Madison, WI Frequency
2/14/2014 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
2/15/2014 Detroit, MI Lager House
2/16/2014 Cleveland, OH Happy Dogs
2/17/2014 Cincinnati, OH MOTR Pub
2/18/2014 Buffalo, NY Waiting Room
2/19/2014 New Haven, CT BAR
2/20/2014 Boston, MA Church of Boston
2/21/2014 Long Branch, NJ Brighton Bar
2/22/2014 Brooklyn, NY Union Pool
2/23/2014 New York, NY Mercury Lounge
2/24/2014. Philadelphia, PA. Nachohouse
2/25/2014 Baltimore, MD Metro Gallery
2/26/2014 Washington, DC DC 9
2/27/2014 Durham, NC The Pinhook
2/28/2014 Charlotte, NC Snug Harbor
3/1/2014 Asheville, NC The Moth Light

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Wish You Were Hear: Nobunny as Bo Diddley, Halloween 2013

nodiddley01It’s been a few months since I’ve blogged about something other than weddings and engagement sessions and I feel terrible about it. But now that the end of the year is nigh, I finally have some time to remedy that. Let’s start with masked marauder Nobunny on Halloween night at Oakland’s Stork Club, when he paid tribute to R&B legend Bo Diddley.

The last time I saw Nobunny on Halloween was in 2009, also at the Stork Club. Back then, he channeled the spirit of Lux Interior of the Cramps, and that show was as shambolic as you’d expect, with burnt bunnies, used undies, and unbridled bodily fluids rocketing across the room as he and his band (which included Peach Kelli Pop‘s Allie as Poison Ivy and Rock’n’Roll Adventure Kids’ Marcos as Bryan Gregory) careened through their primitive set.

Unsurprisingly, Nodiddley and his band brought that sonic maelstrom back to the Stork Club, cranking out classics such as “I’m a Man,” “Pills,” and “Who Do You Love?” Even though he forgot to don Bo Diddley’s trademark frames earlier on in the set, the costumed crowd went crazy anyway, crawling over each other and throwing themselves toward the stage. Bo himself might’ve been taken aback, but Nodiddley embraced it thoroughly. I heard that Shannon & the Clams (as Peruvian garage punks Los Saicos) and the other bands that played that night were excellent, too, but unfortunately I missed them. So please dive into the sloppy hot mess that is Nodiddley!

nodiddley02nodiddley03 nodiddley04

Belated thanks to the Total Trash crew for throwing such a great bash! Next post: Garage punks The Sonics invade San Francisco. Check back soon!

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Let’s Get Zooed Out

Sonny Vincent & the Bad Reactions | Canon 5D, 15mm, 1/4 sec, f8, ISO 500

The Testors, featuring Sonny Vincent, first blitzed my brain with the 2003 Swami Records release Testors: Complete Recordings 1976–79. I was instantly hooked on “You Don’t Break My Heart,” “Let’s Get Zooed Out,” “Sick on Yesterday,” “Bad Attitude,” and their other catchy, raw punk gems. A year later, Sonny performed at the Horizontal Action Blackout in Chicago with members of Rocket from the Crypt as his backing band. Unfortunately, I missed that show as well as several other national appearances throughout the years, including the 2011 Atlanta Mess-Around.

When I recently learned that Sonny would be playing in Chicago with the Bad Reactions a week after this year’s installment of the HoZac Blackout (May 17–20), I resigned myself to the fact that I’d never see him live. But fate threw me a bone in the guise of a friend’s baby shower in San Diego that turned out to be pretty miraculous.

Certainly, it was wonderful hanging out with my oldest friend and eating my weight in tacos and decadent chocolate cake. But Sonny and the Bad Reactions also played at the Soda Bar that weekend. In addition, my first nephew emerged a week early, about an hour after the final chord of “Phantom” rang out and a mere four miles away from the venue.

It’s funny to think that I’ll forever remember April 28, 2012, as my nephew’s first birthday, my best friend’s baby shower, and the night I shot Sonny Vincent with my fisheye lens. Crazy.

Anyway, Sonny and the Bad Reactions (Josh of Ex-Humans/Carbonas, Jon of Beat Beat Beat, and Luis of Sorrows) tore into a slew of Testors classics and a couple of new numbers. Sonny’s voice hasn’t changed a bit and the songs were spot on—I was totally blown away. I also liked the opening band, the Widows, and their fist-pumping garage punk that reminded me of Radio Birdman.

Here are a couple of shots from the show. You can see more here, or catch them on their current tour, which ends May 28 at the Burlington in Chicago. (Speaking of the Blackout, I’ll be showing some photography at the art show/opening party on May 17 at the Volcano Room. Stop by and say hi! And in case I don’t get a chance to squeal about the upcoming Blackout, Redd Kross, or Roky Erickson, you can look back on last year’s misadventures here.)

Sonny Vincent & the Bad Reactions | Canon 5D, 15mm, 1/4 sec, f8, ISO 500

Sonny Vincent & the Bad Reactions | Canon 5D, 15mm, 1/2 sec, f8, ISO 500

Sonny Vincent & the Bad Reactions | Canon 5D, 15mm, 1/2 sec, f8, ISO 500

Sonny Vincent & the Bad Reactions | Canon 5D, 15mm, 1/2 sec, f8, ISO 500

Sonny Vincent & the Bad Reactions | Canon 5D, 15mm, 1/2 sec, f8, ISO 500

Sonny Vincent & the Bad Reactions | Canon 5D, 15mm, 1/5 sec, f8, ISO 800

The Widows | Canon 5D, 15mm, 1/4 sec, f8, ISO 500

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Totally Trashed

The Anomalys

Back in August, San Francisco’s Total Trash put on a four-night garage punk extravaganza featuring the likes of Nobunny, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, the Anomalys, and the Okmoniks. I finally posted my photos from the last three nights here…just in time for the upcoming BURGER BOOGALOO, a collaboration between Total Trash and Burger Records that takes place March 25-26. Better start getting my beauty rest!

FRI MARCH 25 – Thee Parkside (1600 17th Street) 9pm, 21+, $10
The Rantouls
Wrong Words
King Lollipop

Personal & the Pizzas

FRI MARCH 25 – El Rincon (2700 16th Street) 8pm, 21+, $10
Natural Child
Nick Waterhouse


SAT MARCH 26 – Thee Parkside (1600 17th Street) 2PM DAY SHOW, ALL AGES, $10
Culture Kids
Underground Railroad to Candyland
Skumby and the Disneydads
The Shrouds

SAT MARCH 26 – Thee Parkside (1600 17th Street) 9PM NIGHT SHOW, 21+, $10
The Biters
The Booze

Mean Jeans

Sun March 27- Thee Parkside (1600 17th Street) 9pm, ALL AGES, $10
Wild Thing
Midnite Snaxxx
Egg Tooth (featuring Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams)


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