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Wish You Were Hear: Giuda in Chicago, 8/23/13


Giuda, Liar’s Club, Chicago, IL | August 23, 2013

How is it Roctober already??? To celebrate this raucous month, here are some photos from the Giuda show I had the pleasure of attending back in August. C and I were visiting family in Illinois when I learned at the last minute that the Italian glam band (featuring members of Taxi) would be playing in Chicago, roughly two hours from where we were. Knowing that they wouldn’t be in California anytime soon, we cut our trip short and high-tailed it to the Liar’s Club, just in time to catch their sweltering, stomping set. If you missed out on their 2010 debut Racey Roller, it’s been repressed by TKO Records. Even better, their new album Let’s Do It Again comes out on November 16. Don’t stop rockin’!


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Gettin’ Cozy with COZY


COZY and a few adoring fans

With their debut single “Cola Shock Kids” (HoZac Records) climbing the charts since its release last May, there’s no doubt COZY is the hottest act in popular music today. Starry-eyed fans have been swooning over this swinging sensation, storming their arena shows in a bubblegum-snapping frenzy. Sure, you’ve heard all about them and their skyrocket to success, but just how well do you know them? These 21 probing questions will give you the inside scoop on this captivating quartet from across the pond.


Left to right: Fabian, Bonkers, Gordie & Baz

21 Questions with COZY

1. When’s your birthday?

Bonkers: 17th August. Besides me, the most famous man born on that day would probably be Richard, Duke of York. I must admit I rather feel a kinship with him, although thankfully I lack his dreadful hunchback!
Baz: Me? I was born on St. Swithin’s Day.
Gordie: 27th September.  The same day as my mate Shaun Cassidy.
Fabian: I was born under the sign of the Ram on 20th April.

2. Where did you go to school?

Bonkers: Cardiff Sixth Form College.
Baz: At the West Sheavesbury Ecumenical Technical Academy.
Gordie: South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy.
Fabian: Bishop Burton Agricultural College.

3. What did you dream about becoming when you were a little boy?

Bonkers: An astronaut. From the time I was small I always dreamed of living amongst the stars.
Baz: I reckon my first passion was to be a juice lorry deliverer, the thought of all that fresh juice and lollies was quite appealing. As I got older I realized that the profession involved driving a juice lorry, and I don’t much like driving, now do I?
Gordie: As a lad I fancied myself scooting about town on a fancy motorbike, delivering parcels and the like. Failing that, an elevator driver.
Fabian: A man.

4. What made you decide to go into music?

Bonkers: I fancied a career where I could express my feelings, put smiles on faces, and see the world.
Baz: A coin toss.
Gordie: Something to talk about whilst chatting up scrummy talent, I suppose.
Fabian: From a young age my favourite pastime has always been banging things. Playing the drums seemed a natural vocational choice.


5. Are you single?

Bonkers: Believe it or not, at the moment yes! I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for that special someone, though.
Baz: Presently I am.
Gordie: Yes.
Fabian: Despite vicious rumours in the tabloids linking me to Maureen McCormick, I must assure you that I am currently “on the market,” as they say in the States. Maureen and I are just close personal friends!

6. What do you look for in a girl?

Bonkers: A cute smile, a sense of humour, and open-minded parents.
Baz: A nice girl should have clean hands and nicely trimmed cuticles. I find this to be the paramount of grace and poise in a young lady.
Gordie: Availability.
Fabian: A full set of teeth.

7. Is there anything a girl should NOT do on a date with you?

Bonkers: Wear her school uniform in public.
Baz: Fang a U-Banger.
Gordie: Get cheeky.
Fabian: No. Girls should feel free to be themselves around me.

8. What is your favorite color?

Bonkers: Green.
Baz: Having a good time!
Gordie: Blue.
Fabian: Red.

9. What are your hobbies?

Bonkers: Fencing, flying my aeroplane, eating out, and reading fan mail.
Baz: I’ve a passion for sculptures of exotic foods. Just recently I acquired a marble relief of some guavas from a trader in Brixton; it’s quite delightful really.
Gordie: Playing my grand piano alone on my estate.
Fabian: Motoring down the Autobahn in my Lotus Elan 2 + 2, collecting medieval weaponry, and mastering the vexing intricacies of Pong.

10. What is your favorite food?

Bonkers: Lamb curry, steak and chips, just-ripened peaches.
Baz: A nice purée of banana, fresh duck meat (roasted, not broiled), and fine Polish vodka.
Gordie: Chips ‘n’ brown sauce.
Fabian: A three-way tie between black pudding, parson’s nose, and spotted dick. For dessert, a spool of candyfloss, please!

11. What is your favorite drink?

Bonkers: Cola Shock.
Baz: A nice purée of banana, fresh duck meat (roasted, not broiled), and fine Polish vodka.
Gordie: Fizzy drinks, preferably cherry flavored.
Fabian: Patriarch Père et Fils, 1966.

12. Who are your favorite recording artists?

Bonkers: ABBA, Neil Diamond, and Kiki Dee.
Baz: Chuck Berry and Tiny Tim.
Gordie: Wings, ELO, Johnny Kidd.
Fabian: The Wombles, Billy Joel, and Focus.

13. What is your favorite country to visit on tour?

Bonkers: Japan. I enjoy the food, culture, and nightlife. Most of all I love the fans!
Baz: Austria is quite nice, what with the barrier reef and all those quaint convicts and such.
Gordie: England!
Fabian: I find Jamaica and the Netherlands to be two of the more civilized and tolerant countries on Earth.

14. What was your most embarrassing moment?

Bonkers: Once in the middle of a gig, a half-naked bird ran up on stage and planted a right sloppy one on me. She just so happened to be the daughter of the Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk, which made for an awkward moment indeed when he presented me with The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire the next day.
Baz: Have you ever dreamed of being in class at school with no clothes on?  Well, it happened to me FOR REAL!  The worst part is that the instructors let me carry on for six weeks before informing me that I should arrive for class clothed.  I still harbour a natural distaste for the institution of trousers.
Gordie: Caught the leg of my 517s on a nail once…tore ’em clean off.  Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but on stage at Wembley, in front of 10,000 screaming fans?  Played the whole gig half starkers!  But the show must go on, as they say in the biz.
Fabian: When I was a wee lad of four, my mother, father, and I were at a public pool. We were just leaving and my father was grabbing our swimming costumes. My mum suggested–as a joke–that I go in the changing room and smack his naked bum. Being a good filial son, I dashed inside and gave the hardest slap I could manage to his prone behind. I began laughing in a peal of delight until he turned around and I realized the man I slapped wasn’t my father! I was quite embarrassed!


15. If you had a chance to switch places with someone else in the group, who would it be?

Bonkers: I’m rather content being myself.
Baz: Bonkers.
Gordie: Bonkers.
Fabian: Bonkers.

16. What are your turn-ons?

Bonkers: Honesty, intellectual curiosity, and a positive attitude.
Baz: Ducks in flight, dogs in a fight, night lights, and sculptures of exotic foods.
Gordie: 517s.
Fabian: Blondes, brunettes, and redheads.

17. What are your turn-offs?

Bonkers: Nagging girls and people who let success get to their heads.
Baz: Wrinkled clothing and gout.
Gordie: 501s.
Fabian: Snobs, vacuum cleaners, and untidiness.

18. What is one fact that nobody knows about you?

Bonkers: I quite fancy watching The Wide World of Sports. I love to see people alive and doing things!
Baz: Where’s Rita?
Gordie: I pinched a packet of biscuits once!
Fabian: My shoe size.

19. How do you suggest parents cope with kids who are suffering from COZY MANIA?

Bonkers: Keep them well supplied with COZY records and merchandise lest they up and run away from home.
Baz: I find a milkshake followed by a trip to the sauna and a mild birch wand whipping a more refined method of relaxation than most. I also propose more COZY-themed boarding schools.
Gordie: Instead of idling in the car park during the next local COZY concert, perhaps they purchase a ticket and seeing what all the fuss is about?
Fabian: Don’t fight it. What’s wrong with a little COZY mania now and again?

20. What are your ambitions for the future?

Bonkers: After my time in music winds down, I’d love to transition to a career on the silver screen. To tell the truth, I’ve already had numerous offers to act in major motion pictures alongside Hollywood’s brightest stars. Alas, my busy touring schedule doesn’t permit me to take time off for non-COZY-related films. My dream is to star in a rock opera remake of Spartacus titled I Am Bonkicus. Pete Townshend has already contacted me about writing the score, but I would like to try my hand at it first. A knighting from the Queen would also be nice. “Sir Bonkers” does have a smashing ring to it, doesn’t it?
Baz: To Fang a U-Banger.
Gordie: A second world tour, composing more original material, and purchasing a Rolls-Royce–you never know when one could come in handy.
Fabian: To go to heaven.

21. Do you have a message for your fans?

Bonkers: Thank you for making it possible for us to do what we do. Remember that with a dream in your heart anything is possible. I’m living proof!
Baz: Have a good time!
Gordie: Thank you and good night.
Fabian: No comment.


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