Burger Boogaloo 2015: Day 2

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sneaky pinks10We’ll be honest: Day 1 of the Burger Boogaloo (and the Clorox Girls reunion show afterward) totally kicked our butts and we found ourselves moving much more slowly on Sunday. Unfortunately, this caused us to miss Vial completely and fail to get within acceptable shooting range of Dancer, Guantanamo Baywatch (photos of their 2013 performance are here), and King Khan & BBQ Show. Bummer!

Still, we caught a good chunk of the action, including Gooch Palms’ amp-climbing antics, the Sneaky Pinks’ red-hot revue, and the Black Lips’ attempt to keep everyone’s hands clean. One guy even launched a bottlerocket from the middle of the Flesh Land amphitheater before the Black Lips hit the stage (and was immediately escorted off the property). We can’t imagine how Total Trash and Burger Records will top this weekend but we’re sure they’ll find a way! Until then, enjoy our recap!bbsun-161


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Burger Boogaloo 2015: Day 1

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For the third year in a row, Total Trash Productions and Burger Records transformed Oakland’s family-friendly Mosswood Park into the Burger Boogaloo, the ultimate destination for garage punks, budget rockers, and fuzzheads across the nation. This July 4th weekend extravaganza unveiled one additional stage to accommodate the fest’s growing size, and welcomed the hilariously bawdy proclamations of emcee John Waters, legendary film director and the pope of trash. (Mr. Waters, if you’re reading this, there really is a band named Anal Mucus…straight out of Concord, CA!)

It was a challenge hoofing it between the two stages (Flesh Land amphitheater, Psychoville stage) and maneuvering around 4,998 of our closest friends, but we managed to catch all the bands except for Shannon & the Clams (photos from their 2014 performance are here), who played right before the Mummies at Psychoville. Here’s what a mind-boggling lineup of sonic goodness looks like…

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Jen & Roly’s Pre-Wedding Adventures in Taiwan

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taiwan_prewedding 01
If you follow us on Instagram or read our personal blogs back when we had time to blog about non-wedding-related miscellany, you might’ve gathered that we’re fans of international travel. In the ten years that we’ve been together, we’ve journeyed to London, France, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan.

One destination that we can’t seem to stop visiting is Taiwan (four times in six years! Here’s one of Chris’s many posts and one of Lily’s), and we literally gasped with delight when Jen and Roly told us they’d be hosting an engagement banquet in Taipei (Jen’s family is Taiwanese) in addition to their Bay Area wedding. Knowing that they’d be doing a pre-wedding photoshoot in a studio while they were there, we offered to capture their explorations of the citya vacation session, if you will. Happily, they agreed.

The first stop of our two-day session was…

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Wedding Inspiration: Whimsical Modrophenia Elopement

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mod01 Who says an elopement can’t be full of fun details? We teamed up with Jenny Sais Quois Events for a two-part vintage-flavored wedding just in time for rising temperatures. Our inspiration? The whimsy of the Audrey Hepburn/Gregory Peck classic Roman Holiday and the edginess of the mod-vs.-rockers film Quadrophenia. Our colors? Red, white, and turquoise, a nod to the iconic mod target. Our mascots? Dachshunds Elvis and Priscilla, wearing floral collars made of light blue delphinium and eucalyptus. (Florist Sheryl of Thistle and Bone really outdid herself, as you’ll soon see!)

Our fantasy elopement featured two dresses, two bouquets, two boutonnieres, and a Vespa ride to the beach for dinner and a sunset, plus cocktails and bite-sized treats (macarons and mini cucpakes) for fuel. For the ceremony look, our “bride” Eidelyn donned a white, full-length, tulle gown with sweetheart neckline, turquoise accessories, and red peep-toe heels. A comb of…

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New Year’s Eve 2013 with Andrew & Michelle & Pens

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We still can’t believe 2014 is a mere hours away from becoming 2015! Last year around this time, we were staying with our friends Andrew and Michelle in Los Angeles. On New Year’s eve, we joined them at Andrew’s shop & Pens Press, the Southern California offshoot of Needles & Pens in San Francisco. Located in Culver City, it proffered zines, art and music books, and other amusements, and also hosted live musical performances and art shows. In the back of the space was a studio where Michelle, an artist, worked on pieces for an upcoming exhibit. Their adorable dog Shiner kept everyone on task.

Michelle was pregnant at the time with their first child, so we thought it’d be fun to take photos of them before their lives changed forever. Their daughter Lula Bell was born less than three months later. Shortly after, Andrew moved his shop…

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Jenn & Ryan’s Parisian Honeymoon Adventure

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When the Lovesick Expo and Offbeat Bride brought their fabulousness to San Francisco this past February, we thought it’d be fun to offer a three-hour photo session in Paris as a prize. Considering that the couple would need to fly themselves out to the City of Lights in November, we were surprised by the amount of folks who entered. Our lucky winners? Jenn and Ryan, who got hitched roughly a week before jetting off on their European honeymoon.

Although we were expecting a stormy day when we joined up with our newlyweds on Armistice Day (November 11), the sun had chased away the rain. Apparently Jenn and Ryan had brought the California sunshine with them! We kicked off our excursion on Île Saint-Louis, one of two natural islands on the Seine River. Despite it being a national holiday, the streets were filled with tourists and locals window shopping, riding bikes…

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Ramen Round-Up: East Bay & SF Edition

Back in 2011, I recounted my childhood love of instant noodles and the subsequent mind explosion that occurred when I discovered that ramen could be ordered in a restaurant. Since then, ramen has been enjoying a renaissance in the Bay Area, and I recently slurped my way through a few bowls in the East Bay and San Francisco for a piece on The Bold Italic. Here’s the full gallery of goodness I tackled with the help of a few intrepid friends. What are some of your favorite spots in your neck of the woods?


Ken Ken Ramen (San Francisco): Hakata-style tonkotsu


Ken Ken Ramen (San Francisco): vegan shoyu


Kiraku (Berkeley): Tokyo-style shoyu


Manpuku (Berkeley): seafood shoyu


Men Oh (San Francisco): miso tonkotsu


Men Oh (San Francisco): spicy tonkotsu


Men Oh (San Francisco): Tokushima


Ramen Bar (San Francisco): ginger-braised chicken with gluten-free noodles


Ramen Bar (San Francisco): Hokkaido miso butter


Ramen Bar (San Francisco): Tokyo-style Kurobuta pork


Ramen Bar (San Francisco): vegetarian mushroom


Ramen Shop (Oakland): Hokkaido corn miso


Ramen Shop (Oakland): shoyu


Ramen Shop (Oakland): vegetarian shoyu Meyer lemon


Sobo Ramen (Oakland): shio with gluten-free noodles


Sobo Ramen (Oakland): tonkotsu with mayu (black garlic oil)


Sobo Ramen (Oakland): vegan soy coconut


Yojimbo Sushi (Alameda): spicy pork


Yojimbo Sushi (Alameda): spicy seafood


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