New Year’s Eve 2013 with Andrew & Michelle & Pens

Wild About You Photography

We still can’t believe 2014 is a mere hours away from becoming 2015! Last year around this time, we were staying with our friends Andrew and Michelle in Los Angeles. On New Year’s eve, we joined them at Andrew’s shop & Pens Press, the Southern California offshoot of Needles & Pens in San Francisco. Located in Culver City, it proffered zines, art and music books, and other amusements, and also hosted live musical performances and art shows. In the back of the space was a studio where Michelle, an artist, worked on pieces for an upcoming exhibit. Their adorable dog Shiner kept everyone on task.

Michelle was pregnant at the time with their first child, so we thought it’d be fun to take photos of them before their lives changed forever. Their daughter Lula Bell was born less than three months later. Shortly after, Andrew moved his shop…

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