Wish You Were Hear: Nobunny as Bo Diddley, Halloween 2013

nodiddley01It’s been a few months since I’ve blogged about something other than weddings and engagement sessions and I feel terrible about it. But now that the end of the year is nigh, I finally have some time to remedy that. Let’s start with masked marauder Nobunny on Halloween night at Oakland’s Stork Club, when he paid tribute to R&B legend Bo Diddley.

The last time I saw Nobunny on Halloween was in 2009, also at the Stork Club. Back then, he channeled the spirit of Lux Interior of the Cramps, and that show was as shambolic as you’d expect, with burnt bunnies, used undies, and unbridled bodily fluids rocketing across the room as he and his band (which included Peach Kelli Pop‘s Allie as Poison Ivy and Rock’n’Roll Adventure Kids’ Marcos as Bryan Gregory) careened through their primitive set.

Unsurprisingly, Nodiddley and his band brought that sonic maelstrom back to the Stork Club, cranking out classics such as “I’m a Man,” “Pills,” and “Who Do You Love?” Even though he forgot to don Bo Diddley’s trademark frames earlier on in the set, the costumed crowd went crazy anyway, crawling over each other and throwing themselves toward the stage. Bo himself might’ve been taken aback, but Nodiddley embraced it thoroughly. I heard that Shannon & the Clams (as Peruvian garage punks Los Saicos) and the other bands that played that night were excellent, too, but unfortunately I missed them. So please dive into the sloppy hot mess that is Nodiddley!

nodiddley02nodiddley03 nodiddley04

Belated thanks to the Total Trash crew for throwing such a great bash! Next post: Garage punks The Sonics invade San Francisco. Check back soon!


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