Five on Friday: Arts, Farts, and Blackouts

As mentioned here, I was in Chicago for the revival of the Horizontal Action (now HoZac) Blackout over Memorial Day weekend. Even though I’ve been home for four days now, I still feel like I’m on vacation. I’m certainly eating as if I were! But that’s a post for another day (say, once I’m done posting about the musical portion of the weekend).

There were quite a few photographers at the shows throughout the weekend, but not as many as the Blackouts of years past. I’m amazed they were able to process and post their captures as quickly as they did. I was personally too exhausted to look at them, much less sort through them. My usual M.O. is to wait a year and post them when the event’s a hazy memory, so I suppose it’s a minor miracle that I’m blogging about this within a week of exposure.

The fest kicked off with an art show featuring the works of Canderson (photo editor of Horizontal Action, Victim of Time), Christopher Ilth (artist), Nathan Jerde (of the Ponys, Tyler John Tyler), Rob Karlic (Chicago photographer), Tim Lampinen (of Clone Defects, Human Eye, Timmy’s Organism), Ben Lyon (artist), and Mark McKenzie (of Mickey, Functional Blackouts). I realize now that I didn’t get any photos of Christopher Ilth or his work—doh!

Population and ET Habit also performed live sets, but I was ill-equipped (no wide, fast lens; no flash) to capture the action in my usual way. (Christmas of ET Habit would later light up the stage—sometimes literally—three other times over the course of the weekend. He seriously deserves some kind of reward.)

Here are a few shots from the show. You can view the full set here. I write about night 1 here. Here‘s night 2.

Canderson's wall | Canon 5D, 50mm, 1/60, f1.8, ISO 1250

Mark McKenzie's wall | Canon 5D, 50mm, 1/80, f1.8, ISO 1250

Ben Lyon | Canon 5D, 50mm, 1/40, f1.8, ISO 1250

Nathan Jerde | Canon 5D, 50mm, 1/80, f1.8, ISO 1250

Timmy Vulgar's price list | Canon 5D, 50mm, 1/60, f1.8, ISO 1250


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